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Childbirth Education Offerings

Quality childbirth education can be it’s own comfort measure during pregnancy and birth. Many childbirth education offerings are generic and impersonal, leaving much to be desired. Plan your own childbirth education with personalized, private or small group classes.

During our time together, I can help with labor preparation, birth planning and anything else that is relevant to your pregnancy and birth. Topics can include: the physiology of labor and birth, interventions, pain management options, out of hospital birth, informed consent, induction, comfort measures, c-sections, postpartum, breast/chest feeding, infant care and more. Should anything unexpected come up during your pregnancy, the plan can shift to help you feel confident and empowered in your decision making.

Schedule an hour focused on a topic of your choice, or book a longer package to cover all of your needs. With any offering, I will also be available by text and email during your pregnancy and postpartum to answer questions and provide resources. 

Childbirth education can be provided virtually or in-person. Discounts available to doula clients. Email for availability.